How to Open a Support Case

How to Open a Support Case

Link to Plex Community:

In this post, find out how to:

  • Open a Case
  • View cases

Please note that a supported browser must be used to open and manage cases (Chrome is highly recommended).

Open a Case

Authorized users of an account can open cases in the Plex Community on the homepage or My Plex by:

  • Clicking Open a new case under Need Help?
  • Selecting:
    • Support Case
    • EDI Support & New Trading Partners
    • Technical Services
    • Professional Services
    • Education Services
  • Enter a Subject and Description for the case – as you type the list of available articles in the community with solutions will update to share related articles to your issue that may contain a solution. Select a relevant article to find a solution to your issue before creating a case. If an appropriate article is not found, click Create New.
  • Complete the case form and click Next to open a case

Please note that users with access to multiple accounts will need to provide account information and case contact information. To select the account, enter the first three letters of the account name and select Enter. Next, select the correct account and follow the steps to select the case contact.

View cases

To view your open cases and all account cases:

  • Go to My Plex
  • Select View my cases under My Cases
  • On My Cases, the first tab, My Cases, will list your current cases, while the second tab, All Company Cases, will list all open cases for your company